Do or Die, Delivering Value Only Works!

Though the world is a fast-paced technology machine, humans are still emotionally bound, as emotions are one of the fundamental aspects of human life. So, every technological development that intends to deliver value or be a part of the human lifestyle must have a humane approach. Sadly, human interactions- be…

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Indo-China War: Is It Right Time To Retaliate?

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Tech & Business

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Do or Die, Delivering Value Only Works!

Though the world is a fast-paced technology machine, humans are still emotionally bound, as emotions…

Sai Charan is an excellent Professional. When he was studying, he designed a Research and Development wing for INDIA Redefined and worked as a National Youth Coordinator of INDIA Redefined. He is good at writing, researching, developing strategies, and delivering lectures. His areas of research include socio-economic issues, international issues. It was great working with him

Ranjana Kanti

Founder, INDIA Redefined NGO

A writer, a poet, a story-teller, a content strategist, a creator, and a wonderful human being is what Sai is. His ability to spot hidden insights in any ongoing or historic situations, carefully analyze them backing with facts, and articulating in a language that a layman can understand is his true gift.

Yashaswi Vemuganti

Founder and Strategic Consultant, A3IT Tech Inc.

Charan and I worked in a Project. Working with him was really good. He is very professional and the content he generated for our project was pretty good.

Viswanatha Swamy

Software Architect

Good at writing and analyzing things to get a better output.

Kalyan Manthena

Web Developer

I had an opportunity to work with Charan at V-Soft. One of the best individuals to be associated with. I worked with Charan on the Contents being published for V-Soft, I noticed that Charan excelled at tailoring the content to reach the right audience aligning with the company’s strategies. I had an opportunity to sharpen my writing skills as well along with an opportunity to understand the content strategy and a bit of inbound marketing that Charan excels at. Thanks for the opportunity Charan and V-Soft. Apart from this Charan is an awesome fun-loving professional to be associated with. I enjoyed and will enjoy working with him!

Lokesh Kumar Narayana

Sr. Software Engineer at V-Soft Consulting

I have been in contact with Sri D Sai Charan on several occasions. He is well versed in technical matters, their analysis, and their application in the socio-economic field. He will rise with his hard work and clear conception.

Arun Upadhyay

Rtd. IFS and Sr. Researcher in Indian Astronomy

Sai Charan and I worked together in a team to organize several international conferences in Hyderabad. He is very professional and sincere in his efforts. He has also received the Best official award for his hard work and dedication. He is always full of spirit and pitches innovative ideas/solutions. I have seen Sai be eager towards learning and up-skilling himself. He would surely be an asset to any organization!

Prashanthi Govindarajan

Sr. Research Engineer

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