Who Am I?

I am Dasagrandhi Sai Charan. I am an Embedded Programmer transformed into a writer to contribute my part to the well-being of humanity and the nation. Having conducted a Self Engineering for Social Engineering way back in 2011 doesn’t just reflect my qualifications but describes in part the way I see the world. I am looking forward to learning and sharing knowledge, which only makes a difference for everyone.

In this process, I have travelled across many parts of the country and got an opportunity to interact, travel, work, and learn about some of the great intellectuals and Organizations of the country (2010-2014). I was able to gain a deeper understanding of subjects of personal interest like Defense, National security, International relations, social engineering, and Geo-Politics. In the process of learning from these experts, I was able to gain a better understanding of these subjects in-depth and even went to the extent of publishing research papers. Also, I delivered more than 60 lectures in conferences, workshops, and educational institutions.

To facilitate research in areas of my interest and to provide a platform for enthusiastic researchers in this field,  started the “Inner Voice of Bharath” Journal. Within 2 years of its launch, it evolved as a bigger platform facilitating many researchers around the country. We have conducted three international conferences. As part of this journal, I got the opportunity to interview legends of various fields like Mr Manohar Parrikar(then CM of Goa), Mr Nara Chandra Babu Naidu(then CM of Andhra Pradesh), Mr JayaPrakash Narayan(Loksatta Party President), Dr Mohandas Pai(Ex-CFO of Infosys), and many more. But due to management issues, this was Journal was closed but I learned a lot of lessons from this startup.

As a part of living, I started a career as a Content Developer in the media domain and progressed to the digital marketing world as a Content Developer and then as a Content Strategist. In this short 6 years of professional journey gained skills in, content strategy, content marketing, journalism, editing, event organizing and management, marketing & branding, public speaking skills, Strong Social networking, social entrepreneurship, business development, leadership skills.

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Work Experience

1. Currently working as a Sr. Content Producer at ServiceNow from  December, 2021.

2. Worked as a Content Strategist at V-Soft Consulting Corporation, from September, 2017 to October, 2021.

  • Responsible for creating multiple content resources (Blogs, eBooks, Guides, Podcasts, Video script, Social media and newsletters) to drive organic traffic, generate leads or achieve other business objectives. Developed content on Digital Transformation, ServiceNow, MuleSoft, Cloud Technology, Big Data, Data Analytics, AI, Chatbots, and Machine Learning.
  • Review and edit blog posts of team members to ensure all blogs follow SEO standards and ensure messaging is in accordance with the marketing and branding goals.
  • Develop and distribute content appropriate to social media channels to elevate the company’s brand value.
  • Analyze organic SEO performance on blogs and identify opportunities to optimize strategy and content.
  • Partnered with technical, sales, and marketing teams to identify opportunities and accordingly developed the content.
  • Developed audio and video scripts for the company’s podcasts and videos.

2. Worked as a Content Editor at Monocept Consulting Pvt. Ltd, from July 01, 2016- March 01, 2017.

  • Responsible for writing, editing, and publishing blog posts, guides, whitepapers in the field of Digital Transformation, Cloud Technology, Big Data, Data Analytics, AI, Machine Learning, VOD, and OTT .
  • Conceptualize, plan, and develop content that is channel-appropriate and client-specific.
  • Based on SEO performance, conduct blogs audit on regular intervals to organic traffic of blogs.
  • Participate and contribute to documentation development activities from estimation, planning & scheduling through to product rollout.
  • Developed and executed a social media strategy.
  • Partnered with technical, sales, and marketing teams to identify opportunities and accordingly developed the content.

3. Worked as a Research Associate at EC Council Pvt. Ltd. from August 5, 2015- June 30, 2016.

  • Research, analyze and develop Information Security domain reports, guides, presentations, and blogs.
  • Developed content focused on the functional and marketing focal points of the company, through interactions with various domain experts.
  • Delivered quality work promptly by coordination with the team members.

4. Content Editor for Jagathi Publications Pvt. Ltd. Duration September 1, 2014- August 1, 2015.

  • Technology Reporting, Edit, write and translate articles and take interviews with various technical experts.
  • Drafted and published articles pertaining to engineering, technology, and career.
  • Edited and published articles gathered from various authors.
  • Translated articles from Telugu to English and Vice Versa.
  • Developed social media strategy to enhance the digital presence thereby increasing the overall social media/web traffic.
  • Took offline/online Interviews of various eminent Leaders of various corporate companies, scientists, academicians, political experts and many other industry experts.

5. Founder and Assistant Editor for Inner Voice of Bharath– An English Quarterly Journal (ISSN: 2320 1908). Duration – July 2012-July 2014.

  • Drafted, edited, and published the articles pertaining to technology, international relations, national security and defence.
  • Edited and published articles gathered from various authors.
  • As a chief correspondent, interviewed various eminent leaders of all zones.
  • Drafted marketing, branding and social media strategies to enhance the reach.
  • Organized and delivered lectures at various workshops/conferences organized the organization.
  • Helped many interns to complete their research projects successfully.

6. Program Coordinator at DrTPs-Shiksha Organization. Duration: 2008-11

  • Organized and delivered lectures at various workshops/conferences organized the organization.
  • Planned the workshops and lectures to be conducted throughout Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

7. National Youth coordinator- Research& Development wing at India Redefined. Duration:2009-2011

  • Organized and delivered lectures at various workshops/conferences organized the organization.
  • Designed and developed R& D wing to handle the challenges of the problem by the organization at all levels.


I worked with Sai Charan when I just started my career as a fresher.. I still feel how lucky I am to get to work with his mentorship from Day 1. Sai Charan is the passionate and humble personality I have ever seen! Sai charan is not only expertise techy but also an amazing human being. I have never seen him down/ thinking something in a negative way! He is a man with passion and potential!

Sneha Kotagiri

Sr. Content Developer

Dasagrandhi Sai Charan is a great journalist who asks relevant and critical questions combining knowledge and the matters shaping our world. In addition, he makes the guests feel comfortable which makes the conversations flow easily. It was a pleasure to work with Dasagrandhi Sai Charan and I am looking forward to other fruitful collaborations.

Yasmine Nina Benhalima

Founder of ENC

Sai Charan is an excellent Professional. When he was studying, he designed a Research and Development wing for INDIA Redefined and worked as a National Youth Coordinator of INDIA Redefined. He is good at writing, researching, developing strategies, and delivering lectures. His areas of research include socio-economic issues, international issues. It was great working with him

Ranjana Kanti

Founder, INDIA Redefined NGO

A writer, a poet, a story-teller, a content strategist, a creator, and a wonderful human being is what Sai is. His ability to spot hidden insights in any ongoing or historic situations, carefully analyze them backing with facts, and articulating in a language that a layman can understand is his true gift.

Yashaswi Vemuganti

Founder and Strategic Consultant, A3IT Tech Inc.

Sai Charan and I worked together in a team to organize several international conferences in Hyderabad. He is very professional and sincere in his efforts. He has also received the Best official award for his hard work and dedication. He is always full of spirit and pitches innovative ideas/solutions. I have seen Sai be eager towards learning and up-skilling himself. He would surely be an asset to any organization!

Prashanthi Govindarajan

Sr. Research Engineer

I have been in contact with Sri D Sai Charan on several occasions. He is well versed in technical matters, their analysis, and their application in the socio-economic field. He will rise with his hard work and clear conception.

Arun Upadhyay

Rtd. IFS and Sr. Researcher in Indian Astronomy

Sai's experience and skill reflect in his work. A hardworking person who handles his projects with dedication and commitment. A quick thinker when it comes to content writing and has a keen eye for details. It's was good knowing and working with him during my tenure at Monocept.

Haren Chelle

Director & Country Head at Yellow Messenger

Charan is, without doubt, the most experienced and knowledgeable person in the stream of content writing/development, etc. His technical understanding combined with his market expertise makes "Charan" undoubtedly the best choice in your business arena. He has got an immense amount of knowledge in the stream of technical writing/blogs writing/proofreading etc; and these skills are simply incredible in him. Keep up the good work!!

Syed Wajahat Zeeshan

Sr.Trainer - Voice & Accent/Communication Skills/Soft Skills - Internationally Certified TEFL

Charan is a great person with good values towards work and society whom I met in my carrier, Although we belong to different teams but closely worked together for technical blog development. He is having ample knowledge into technical, historical, political & whatnot. Rare qualities observed in one person. As a person, I admire his work towards a better society.

Reddi Kothapalli

Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Charan is a person with many talents. Foremost, he is a good human being with compassion and helping nature. He is a hard and smart worker and manifests a great zeal to do something new. I worked with him and observed him closely over a year. He is multilingual and has worked in different domains. It always inspired me the way he handles pressure while dealing with multiple projects. He loves to share whatever he knows and shows interest to learn new things.

Varun C. Kanthety

Sr. Technical Writer

Good at writing and analyzing things to get a better output.

Kalyan Manthena

Web Developer

I had an opportunity to work with Charan at V-Soft. One of the best individuals to be associated with. I worked with Charan on the Contents being published for V-Soft, I noticed that Charan excelled at tailoring the content to reach the right audience aligning with the company’s strategies. I had an opportunity to sharpen my writing skills as well along with an opportunity to understand the content strategy and a bit of inbound marketing that Charan excels at. Thanks for the opportunity Charan and V-Soft. Apart from this Charan is an awesome fun-loving professional to be associated with. I enjoyed and will enjoy working with him!

Lokesh Kumar Narayana

Sr. Software Engineer at V-Soft Consulting

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