13 Ways to Keep Your Mental Health Strong and Positive

tips to maintain mental health

Keeping Mental health strong and positive is very important to fight any sort of odds including physical health. Especially during these challenging times to physical health, it is very important to keep mental health strong and positive, even though it situations are completely negative outside. So, here I discuss 13 ways to keep your mental health strong and stay positive.

  1. Avoid negative news and information.
  2. Read and Think about some success stories and positive news. There are many ordinary people who did extraordinary things. You too or friends around you are one among them.
  3. Listen to nice lectures, music or read books that keep you positive.
  4. Watch some nice funny videos or movies or documentaries.
  5. Recall the good and positive things you did in your life either sitting alone or with family.
  6. Believe in yourself. mental strength is far capable than your body and can motivate your body to fight odds. Your body is constantly fighting for you so all you need to do is support it by being positive.
  7. With fear do not lock yourself in closed rooms, it locks your mind too. Have some fresh air and sit in sun at least for 30min. This will fill calmness, D-vitamin, and positivity- as nature is always positive.
  8. Food is medicine as per Ayurveda. What you eat is 40 % medicine, so eat healthy food.
  9. Stay adaptable, balanced, and learn to talk to yourself. (people feel lonely as we are not meeting friends and family or some in quarantine feel depressed)
  10. Don’t argue with people or against the bad situation. argument heads nowhere and instead destroy mental peace. You got to accept life as it is.
  11. Avoid postponement of tasks, be it in your personal or professional. Set reminders to alert yourself.
  12. Try to do Yoga or some exercise to keep your body active and to avoid being lazy
  13. Keep talking to people whom you feel are positive and talk positive things. Never speak about negative things.


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