Advanced Scientific Disciplines and Their Vedic Roots


The word ‘Veda’ is derived from the root ‘vid’ which means knowledge. Vedas are termed as shruthi, which means it is not learned just by self-reading of books but by learning orally from generation to generation in the teacher-student(mentor-protégé) tradition since every character has got a special way of spelling and its own importance! The next stage is analyzing and meditating upon ‘shruthi’ that is stored in mind. This makes the learning process wisdom oriented. There is a misconception spread over the globe that Vedas means some chanting just for praising god. It’s just a part of it. Vedas also comprise a deep study of various subjects from human physiology to technology. There are many great saints who have done a lot of contribution to most advanced technologies which has not yet been able to build, even by today’s sophisticated methods of science!. Bharadwaja Maharishi (Vaimanika shastra), Agasthya Maharishi (Atomic science), Bhaskaracharya, Sushrutha – The Father of Surgery, Parasara Maharshi (plant cell), etc.., are the great maharishis whom we can remember here for their great works. Understanding this great wisdom of our country, Westerners weren’t fools to come only for our material wealth they found the great intellect in this country and in a planned manner they exploited all the Vedic texts and exported to the west from India and did some fantastic research.. This talk speaks very high on how the modern technological advancements raised from the Vedic roots.

Note: This talk I gave back in 2012 in Arshadhara Vedic science conference held in Banglore…

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