Are you Struggling to Overcome Past Bad Experiences or Events in Life?

Are you struggling to overcome your Past

Life is a learning process, so in this process, we come across many unpleasant experiences that we may have done to us or someone knowingly or unknowingly or 

It can be bad experiences with some situations or persons or it can be something related to losing your goals or beloved ones…

When such situations happen, these memories suck us completely into it so intensely that 

to get out of this bad past or experiences for some it takes a lifetime, while some are losing life not being able to handle it, while some keep repenting and get stuck in life without any progress… are these that worthy is the question? also is it something negative to have such bad past or experiences? When we are in such situations people around us console us telling us to forget this bad past and focus on the present and future! So the point is only when they face such a situation they will understand the impact of it…

We too might have told our friends when they face such situations. but when it happens to us we will be in the listening seat to hear the same words from someone else… 

Here I Don’t mean that those who console are wrong or you are right! Frankly speaking, both are right and both are wrong. is bad experiences a boon or bane?

If so what is right and what should be our course of action? 

I feel that a bad past is a boon, rather than feeling it as a sin. Because just think when there are many out there around you why is it happening to you, not someone else? It means life has some special lessons to teach you specially and you are a special kid…

So, we shouldn’t treat bad experiences as something negative. So, here I don’t mean the pain you have gone through shouldn’t have happened. It should happen, you have the courage to go through it so only it happened. Pain is the most beautiful thing in life, it teaches you more than what happiness or joy can teach you. So, I think we should be more honest with our pain, only then honesty in life comes out… So, we should bear the pain of bad experiences with honesty than cursing ourselves….  

So one may ask, isnt it waste of time and life? I would say no! Pain with awareness is what needed and in most cases this is what happens. This is the path of wisdom, but the society has underestimated odd experiences and pain as very negative thing calling it as as incapability…  which is why the beauty of it is not realized. Getting lost in this society misunderstanding, some people loose control and even loose life.. Most of the sucidies or depressions is result of this misunderstanding of society enforced on a individual. So my dear friends so dont consider bad experiences as something negative, rather think as something blessing in your life to not repeat in future. Never get lost in feeling sorry for what has happened. Rather focus on what to do.

 I am sure, when you are in that sarrow, even though you are aware of what right thing to be done … You will be failing to implement corrective measure. Remember its not your weakness not to implement it or your past made you weak! 

Rather realize that you are trying your best to bring all your energies together to give best shot for you to raise. In the process to give best and perfect start, we are forgetting the fact that we should take the first step forward to give best shot.. Sitting and thinking every night to give best shot or step, but sadly there is not good time or best shot and it never comes.. Finally you will end up in another disappointment that you are not able to implement a solution even though you know it! Actually this is something wrong, than what we did in the past.

Making a right choice is great, but at the same you are making strong excuses not to execute those choices and moreover we convivnce ourselves to justify these by telling its because of bad past i became so! Is this what our past has taught us?? We are already suffering for what happened past, now we are creating another past that will disturb our present and future. How many days should we keep taking excuses… My dear friends I dont say forget past. Rather I would say carry your past as a treasure to make sure you dont repeat it in future and make your life beautiful.. So here with what intent you take your past matters! 

Let us be conscious that unknowingly we are valuing our incapability than pleasant things. Rather than the unpleasant thing, it is our reaction to it all the time in our brain spoils the things. There is no point in remaining hurt. being so projects you are weak and easily manipulated.. What is so funny in letting situations or someother manipulate you?

Doing so you are spoiling your present. The present is very precious to build your future, so utilize it to the best before it becomes past!

All we need to learn is to move on in life, understanding the negativity… Carry the learnings of your past like a king in a chariot, not your sarrows! stay happy and keep learning.. 

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