Be a Warrior, Not a Slave to Fight and Win the Battles of Life

Be a warrior to win battles of life

Life is a war situation. Like in war, we should always be prepared for some surprises and unknown challenges every second. In our lives, we face various challenges where, be it in career, relationships, goals or any other sort. These situations will shake our true strengths and put us in self-doubt of can set ourselves backtrack and fight back. These challenges are no different than facing an enemy in war, if you lose your focus a nano sec you are no more.  The same is in life too.

To win this war of life, always think of yourself as a warrior who never stops his fight whatsoever may happen to him or in his surroundings. A warrior never stops his fight to attain victory. If you read any war, you will observe despite fellow soldiers dying one doesn’t lose his courage and focus whatsoever may happen in a fight and continues to fight for the greater cause. So should we fight in life without fear of death, even though we lose many things! Death is not in our hands but fighting with courage is definitely in our hands! My dear friends, it is very unfair to accept defeat with fear even before fighting the war.

Remember the great saying of a Chinese warrior Sun Tzu, “Every battle is won before it is fought!”

In this war situation what we need is not helplessness, fear, and lack of courage.

All we need is courage, a fighting spirit, a strong will to overcome this situation and trust within ourselves and unity…

Let’s not live life with fear, it is not the basic nature of this gigantic creation.  Because Fighting spirit is in your birth and creation. Why do you want to kill it, when you are body is fighting for you??

Be that warrior, train yourself to be such a warrior to such great battle of life. Have immense trust in you and you have that character of a warrior. My dear sister just awakens the warrior in you, for that you need to lot of training and prepare yourself to be that great warrior. Train yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally and attain that skill…

Anything can be attained with constant practice. You need to remember that you practice anything for a long time for you will master it. Feel blessed to have this life as you are! For survival, nature has gifted you the inherent quality of a warrior. It’s we who is killing it! Awaken the true warrior hidden in you, there is no good time for it. Why do you want to pretend to yourself that you are weak when you are not! Come on let’s awaken the warrior and live life with full strength.

Finally, I would like to conclude by reminding the saying of Chinese warrior Sun Tzu, every battle is won before it is fought!

‘Thank you!

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