Birth-A-Day: Why Celebrate Birthday and What It Conveys

Why Celebrate Birthday

Right from my childhood I was a little embarrassed and felt somewhere logic is missing on why we should celebrate a birthday and what is so great there to wish about a birthday? The same thought used to come even when every time I attended birthday parties, where darkness invites you to blow off candles.

In this process when I thought of why to celebrate a birthday? What falls out in the journey of human life from year to year till the final stage of life? I realized some people losing life at an early age due to some ill health or by some accident… If so, what is our ultimate journey of life contributing to?

The result is just DEATH… Despite whatever we do in our journey of life right from start to end, the end result is death. So what is the use of celebrating a birthday?

This describes the transparency of life from a different perspective and motivates my life to understand in depth.

The day you are born is the day when you start your journey towards death.

So your number of years reminds you of a life span that is fully spent or not in achieving your desired goals. What is there to celebrate a birthday when nothing is achieved out of it..

All I say to myself is just chill and add some meaning to life than celebrating your journey to death. So that people celebrate your life even after your death. This is how you can make your life meaningful to you and your loved ones – ultimately God has gifted one life, so let’s use it effectively

Rather than passing lifelike insects that take birth and die within a span of minutes..

This should be the mantra of your life to make it more meaningful and add some life to years and make your death bed a bed of roses. This is the greatest attribute one can give to their parents…

So my dear fellow human beings start being humans


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