Blogging Isn’t Dead- Why Professionals Must Consider Blogging

Why professional blogging is important

If I’m doing well, my job, then why do I need to bother about blogging?

Why should I waste my time with a personal blog?

Blogging is only for businesses not for individuals!

By the way, blogging is outdated in the era of Social media and it’s a waste of time!

This is what most professionals argue with no hesitation. While these are considered reasonable, at the same time I would condemn these opinions too!

Wondering Why? Let’s get into the topic!

Decoding Why Personal Blogging Matter to Professionals!

Oscar Wilde On Self-Expression

We all know that we are human beings and work with human beings more or less (as robots are yet to take over).

Every human being expresses themselves every day. It is expressing emotions that define our life and we often can’t restrict ourselves from doing it.

However, it is for sure no negative thing as this is how we learn in life. Life is all about self-expression and a crucial part of experiencing life.

In today’s digital world, whatever we want to learn, we just Google to get many answers. But from where do you get those answers? It’s not GOOGLE that writes, it is humans who write down solutions.

This is what we do in our real life too. Often, whenever someone is facing a problem that we have faced it in the past, we advise them on how to solve the problem, right? YES OF COURSE. This is what blogging is all about … IT’S JUST SHARING YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND REST ARE BENEFITS YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO MISS.

Now that we know what professional blogging is all about!

It’s Time for a Personal Blog My Dear Professionals!

You know each one of us has been doing blogging, but unknowingly!

Are you surprised and thinking when did we do this?

Do you have social media accounts? Have you ever written a tweet or post in your social profiles about something- moments of life or thoughts… If so, then YOU ARE A BLOGGER! Confused?? Don’t be. Social media is called micro-blogging, as here we share and find content and share some content!


Now we can get the out of stereotyped definition that “Blogging is posting content in a website about something”

In our daily routine, each one of us posts different types of content (posts, comments, photos, etc.,) across various social channels. But, all this content gets lost in the thousands of feeds in overall social media feeds coming from many people. If at all someone wants to find some good thought-provoking content by you or if you have to locate it, then you have to scroll down a lot, which is a waste of time.

Here, the content is scattered across channels and more unorganized without being anchored properly. This unorganized way doesn’t let us measure our efforts or derive results, as the goal is missing. This is where Personal Blog comes into the picture! It helps you to organize your content in long-form. This long-form message can be transformed into different formats according to the platform and catered accordingly.

In your personal blogging, you can also write topics that are out of your profession too, like experiences, travel diaries, wonderful learnings and so on. This way blogging can be the best source to showcase your all-round abilities to the world (apart from being a professional) as well as your blog can act as a comprehensive personal profile, which you may not share in your professional resume while these too defines your greater abilities and also bring in more opportunities than what you are having now.

Who knows, tomorrow you may evolve as a thought leader and invited for a talk in a prestigious university or a company.


Benefits of Professional Blogging

  • Descriptive Online Profile
  • Share your knowledge
  • Solve workplace problems and challenges
  • Improve communication and presentation skills
  • Broaden Domain knowledge and skillset
  • Reusable solutions with the Knowledgebase (Need not reinvent solutions rather just use them)
  • Boost professional connections
  • Blogging can emerge as a new source of income
  • Advance career opportunities
  • Positions you as leader/influencer in your industry or profession


Still thinking, Come on guys! Let’s get our thoughts digitally penned in a blog! It’s the perfect way to project your abilities or brand. You got to work on yourself and fight for survival and positioning..

All I would say is: LEARN, SHARE, AND EARN..

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