Deliberate Attempts of Destabilizing Agriculture System

Agri-Terrorism Deliberate Attempts of Destabilizing Agriculture System

Deliberate attempts are being made to destabilize the Indian agricultural systems, the result of all that happened can be lucidly presented by the National Crime Records Bureau of India, that 2,96,438 Indian farmers had committed suicide since 1995.  These suicides reflect the state of insecurity to do their profession and the support being offered. It is a clear failure of government and society.

Is this the way we should treat our backbone. They are not slaves to this country, instead, they are the pillars of the country. This point has to be churned in everybody’s heart, then only a country can become a superpower, not by any sort of manufacturing industries, IT companies, etc..

The other side of the issue concerning agriculture is in the production of agricultural products. Companies like Monsanto in the name BT products running a bigger strategy to break the backbone of India. Seeds that are produced are spoiling the fertility of the soil by killing the soil bacteria. A simple example is in previous days I remember in the rice crop we got we use to keep some seeds for the next crop and sell remaining seeds, but it is not happening now because the present seeds were unable to result in a plant, when there were unable to give a plant how can we think of those grains can give strength to us? Watch below video for detailed analysis on the overall plot:



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