Do or Die, Delivering Value Only Works!

Value matters

Though the world is a fast-paced technology machine, humans are still emotionally bound, as emotions are one of the fundamental aspects of human life. So, every technological development that intends to deliver value or be a part of the human lifestyle must have a humane approach.

Sadly, human interactions- be it for business or personal, are mostly for short term profits, monetary and for some personal benefits. It is pathetic to see that individuals impose this on themselves too! They perceive the wonderful time spent with family and friends as a non-beneficial one.

The same is reflected in professional life too. Where we are forgetting that we are humans and not business process Models, this is why we don’t see people providing the VALUE in the business to our customers.

Time to realize that only VALUE MATTERS!

We have to remember that as humans, we ought to have empathy. We should keep reminding ourselves that we are helping our fellow humans and business/profits what we do is just a precipitate of this process. Not realizing this will always lead to failure as a human: what is life without compassion, morality, and values?

With customers realizing the superficial game of businesses in pretending to be “a valuable provider”, a significant revolution has occurred in consumer behavior. Some businesses realizing this fact started being smart by pretending to showcase empathy and value towards customers’ problems with no patience.

And the result is simple, mercilessly consumers started cutting down their ties with businesses in the very first interaction itself. 

My dear fellow professionals understand that your customer is not just a machine that can’t understand your inner thoughts! You can’t pretend to show empathy, morality, and values. YOU GOT TO HAVE IT!

So, in the era of consumerization, experiences and human values you deliver matters the most! It’s high time to understand and realize that it’s only VALUE with the human sense that wins, everything else will fade away and doesn’t last… 

Not realizing this fact is why businesses or professionals don’t get motivated by the work they do, personally, as they don’t connect to it and find no relevance in contributing some values.

Most people argue that they value customers more, but are not able to make enough financial progress … The answer to this simple, we don’t value people as much as we value short term profits, we simply view them as cash cows. It is pitiful that a human cannot understand a fellow human’s value and simply tend to forget that they are also consumers ultimately.  When one can’t relate to human suffering, it will not be possible to understand the actual problems and work towards solving the conflicts/problems. So, here where IS the question of the relationship with the customer? If this is so, making business or money goes totally out of context and meaningless. Makes no sense!

Do or Die, Delivering Value Only Works!You got to Personalize, and Personalization is the Key

Do you expect a stranger to share every secret with you, no right? A stranger has become an acquaintance, then a friend, then a personal buddy and only then he/she will feel you as their personal and will have the confidence and trust factor to share with you.

The same is for business too. Don’t expect at the very first sight to get your work done, it can’t happen!

First work on building relationships and personalization of every interaction. This is the key. Relationships are built on trust and you got to bring that trust and this trust drives the customer to request you to solve their problem. Remember customer personalization is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.  This is the way you can deliver the best results that help organizations to score high in customer’s thought.

Personalization is no rocket science!

To deliver a sense of personalization to the customer, you need to be just a human trying to understand another human. First start addressing them by name, instead of an ID number (even within the organization’s meeting), which instills a sense of Genuity and loyalty. This what helps the customers to freely open up further and discuss their problems with you, then you can start helping them out. Now, Where is the point of not having business while you are delivering value??

Wondering How to start Delivering Value?

The main issue here is most of the time nobody tries to know what ‘value’ actually is? If so, where is the point of personalization?

If you are worried about how to do develop a sense of personalization and deliver value to customers, you need not do any magic!

Focus on your customer and have some patience to listen to them, they are ready to teach you, but the problem is you are not ready and don’t have patience and a sense of humane thought to listen!



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