Every creation is Unique, Stop Comparison- Understanding from the Misleading Story of Tortoise and Hare

Most misleading story of tortoise and Hare

Right from childhood I have been listening to Hare-Tortoise story and telling focus is important. But somehow this story didn’t appeal to me! But rather it appeared to be the misdirecting story I ever heard. This is imparting wrong morale in kids, this no way speaks about focus rather it speaks about irrational comparison, which is imparting a wrong thought seed in kids mind! 

You are comparing two different creatures living in different conditions, so we can’t compare both to derive some story for our benefit. When I remember this story, I recall an Albert Einstein statement-” Everyone is a genius. But if you compare a fish by its ability to climb a tree like some other animal that can climb. It will live its whole life as incapable” 

Hares don’t have defensive strength like tigers or tortoises, they are hunted easily. So nature gave Hares the ability to observe and quickly respond to make sure if the surroundings are safe and then it moves fast. Till then it observes. Hares can jump to good heights and distances, a little over 3 feet high and 10 feet long!  It has keen observational skills as it doesn’t possess a natural layer of protection like the tortoise, it has to depend on its observational skills and assess how safe its surroundings are! This is the key.

Instead of understanding this, comparing two living beings, living in different conditions are trained differently by life and they have a different skill set for survival. So comparison has no meaning here. This is the problem with our education system and in fact society too.. They compare two different sets of talents and try to drag one down. This creation is not a factory creating the same products, instead, it creates a diverse set of skills for each species..

Right from schooling, I am seeing many brilliant people and their uniqueness is suppressed. Probably they would have evolved as change makers.. The problem is we want to change and be unique, but we don’t do that.  Our uniqueness is guided by society or some movie stars.  That is why we see society producing citizens as only factory outputs, not humans.. we are a unique part of this creation, why do we need intelligence to realize it all we need is common sense.. People aim to think big and think intelligently, but that is what we need, it’s common sense.. Competition is the foolish and insane word in this world.. People are making money by creating an illusion of this word.. let’s stop blinding ourselves…

Every creation is unique but people don’t realize this and often compare blindly with others and feel insecure and get depressed. Insecurity is the biggest threat the present world is facing, irrespective of age. 

Finally, I would like to conclude with Albert Einstein statement-

Everyone is genius. But if you compare a fish by its ability to climb a tree like some other animal that can climb. It will live its whole life as incapable”

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