Decoding Ways to Handling Expectations

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One of the biggest problems in life would be handling expectations.

And I am sure some of us will be victims of expectation phenomenon. We often say that I expected this would happen if that doesn’t happen! We get distressed/depressed and thereby resulting in unhappiness. Here if we observe expectation is the root of misery. To be clearer, Expectation gets transformed into a strong desire and this desire when not full filled gets transformed into anger/distress.

If you want to know where this Expectation comes from, all I can say is it is just a trap of situations. We forget that very fact, that the situations are just passing clouds. Situations won’t impact us directly, but the when not properly handled our reaction towards the situations for sure will impact us. With this, we can understand that expectation is quite far from reality. So we have to do our duty not being a slave to situations.

Then how do we get rid of expectation effects would be questioned?

As a first step, here, one must understand that every life has its own destiny, Life doesn’t always give you what you ask for, but it will for sure give you what you needed. But, why, do we keep expecting? It is just human tendency to expect more than he does. We aspire more than the reality, and most of the times the result of our action is not in our hand, so we may not get the result we expected and thereby leading to disappointment.

The moment expectation stops that’s where our misery ends and that’s where you start realizing your inner abilities. There begins the ultimate journey of life, which is called the journey of truth. Only then we will start living on our own strengths than being a slave to situations. Till one don’t realize his strength, the atman, he is Slave. Once he realizes, he is the leader of his self and only then he transforms out to be an asset to his own self, thereby starting to march towards the truth, he is gifted with.

It is your culture and traditions that makes us realize the Self, which is the true strength that breaks the barriers of ignorance… can’t be achieved in a day. It is a process of unlearning and learning under the guidance.

Here I don’t claim that I have achieved all that I stated, I say that I am in the process…. Through my experience, I understood that there is nothing called a mistake in life, it is only struggling that uncovers your strength and pain is your teacher here.

So, my dear friends, I conclude by saying that don’t get stuck in the trap of expectation and waste your time. Because, “Time is the most precious commodity and it is nonrenewable”, quotes Mr. Robin Sharma. Believe it or not, situations are there just to showcase your weakness and lets your correct and go forward.

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