Strong Mental Health is One of the Key to Winning COVID

Mental health

It is painful to see people losing life in this COVID 19 pandemic, sad thing is most of the deaths are due to immense fear and other mental health-related issues like anxiety. even though other factors continued to be debated on a political scale, which is not in our control. If you look at the covid deaths, 90 percent are due to fear and other weak mental health.

It is very sad to see that the entire world is in immense fear for COVID, despite evidencing a recovery rate somewhere close to 95-97%.  My family including me got infected with So-called COVID, but we decided not to surrender to it rather had a courageous mindset.

My dear fellow beings, it is very unfair to accept defeat with fear even before fighting the war of COVID.

Remember the great saying of a Chinese warrior, “Every battle is won before it is fought!”

COVID is a war situation and let’s not accept the failure without fighting the battle by assuming we are weak!

Your mental health is key to physical health! We have seen many examples, where people with strong willpower have overcome many dangerous diseases. Some people are living with it lifelong but doing some awesome things without worrying about the illness. We have many examples like Stephen Hawkings

Definitely, COVID is a war situation, where everyone got to fight this. In this war situation what we need is not helplessness, fear, and lack of courage.

All we need is courage, a fighting spirit, a strong will to overcome this situation and trust within ourselves and unity…

If you have read any war, you will observe despite fellow soldiers dying one doesn’t lose his courage and continues to fight for the greater cause. So should we fight in this situation without fear of death! Death is not in our hands, but fighting with courage is definitely in our hands!

Let’s not live life with fear, it is not the basic nature of this gigantic creation.  Because Fighting spirit is in your birth and creation. Why do you want to kill it, when you are body is fighting for you??

If you observe your body is constantly fighting for you even in the times you neglect it and poison it with a lot of junk food and unhealthy habits.

You are constantly exposed to many infections and viruses or disease-causing agents. But your body keeping all these secret to you and fighting to keep your health! The moment your body losses the spirit of fighting you are no longer alive and simple flue can cost your life.

Remember your body is the great companion of you and protector of you! Not your wife, parents, children can be that great warrior for your life as your body!

When your body is exhibiting such an immense character of a great warrior. How fair it is for you to discourage it with fear?

Let us raise our courage to infinity scale, as truly it is and fight the COVID situation with strong mental health! Strong will has no defeat, as your spirit of fighting is immortal by inspiring many around you!!

Common friends. Cheer up we are born brave, let us awaken the fighting spirit in us.

Finally, I would like to conclude by reminding the saying of Chinese warrior Sun Tzu, every battle is won before it is fought! COVID is a war situation and lets us not accept failure without fighting the battle by assuming we are weak!

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