Surroundings Want to Teach You- Be Sensitive


I took paper and pencil ✏️ and was thinking to write a blog.

I was looking for the spark to kick start writing and couldn’t that spark for a long time and started and scribbling on paper.

All of a sudden the quote on the pencil ✏️ “Write Good -Work Good- Do Good” I daily use grabbed my attention and put me through intense thought processes and resulted in a wonderful blog.

For a writer, it’s important to be sensitive to surroundings, be it whatever we see, hear, and get in contact with (be it situations, people, things, thoughts, and anything for that matter). They always keep waiting to communicate, inspire, and teach you. All you need is pay attention to everything that’s around you.

The same applies to life too!
” Life always wants us to learn and progress, so it uses all means to help us learn.. it takes care of us so well. We stay harsh towards it and ignore the opportunities to learn, but still, life tries to put around us many things for us to pull our attention towards those things so that we observe, analyze, learn and progress in life. Be a silent observer of everything and anything that comes in-never reject anything-  as everything comes with a purpose, which you may not understand its relevance now but in future for sure.”


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