Why Inbound Marketing is Gaining Attention and Works For Your Business?

inbound marketing

In the age of consumerization and experience-as-a-economy, the consumer is the king. To scale up your marketing efforts, an inbound marketing strategy gives the power to consumers by facilitating the consumer’s purchasing process by helping them make the right choice. Let’s explore in detail why and how inbound marketing is a must to watch and adopt a strategy for your business…

What necessitates you to prefer the Inbound Strategy?

Have you ever disconnected the phone call as soon as you hear it as promotional?

How comfortable are you to see Ads interrupting you when you are watching your favorite show on television or an online video channel?

Sometimes you get a chance to skip ads, and sometimes, you are left with no option rather than being the victim of it. These irritate us, isn’t it? Of course.

These strategies of reaching out to customers irrespective of their choice or interest through cold calling, TV ad, paper ad, email campaign, or any form of forcibly dumping on the information the user hasn’t demanded or subscribed for is all referred to as outbound marketing. Though these companies use outbound techniques in a pursuit to gain customer attention, in reality, they aren’t gaining attention in the right way. Instead, they are negatively gaining attention as you are just pushing on customers irrespective of their wish. These are highly intrusive and have more chances of losing the customer for life. Even research confirms that one bad impact on customers can cut down ties with the brand once for all.

This is what precisely inbound marketing solves!

How Inbound marketing will solve Marketing Challenges, and Why does it Matter the Most?

As defined by HubSpot, “Inbound marketing is a business methodology that attracts customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them.” Meaning that inbound strategy is aimed to deliver value to customers at their convenience and serves the customers in the way they desire to. This is a more customer-focused approach than being marketer-focused. This has brought in an elementary transition in the way business gets done. This approach is aimed at delivering value to customers and delighting them.

Want to know in detail how it works? Or Are you confused about how it works? Ok. Let’s solve it.

Let us start understanding inbound process effectiveness with a simple question. Did you Google some doubt? If so, after getting the answer from a website, didn’t you feel good about it? I am sure you felt glad for the author or company’s website that offered you a solution to your head-breaking problem, which engulfed your efforts and time. But, have you ever thought about how it appeared how that particular website floated in your search results precisely addressing your problem? This is what SEO does, one of the inbound strategies.

Also, if the website or the author reaches you when you are not searching for a solution, though it is good, it doesn’t value you. This point is precisely what Inbound marketing is pivoted at.

Instead of troubling you in the name of Ads or sales calls, with inbound, the company aims at creating valuable information so that the prospects find themselves to connect with the company when they look for more info, which means that the strategies are aimed at getting noticed by customers at their will. This is impactful and cost-effective, as customers reaching you adds more value than you knock at them when they aren’t in need. Compared to outbound, with inbound, you precisely reach your audience group.

This way, inbound marketing upsurges customer satisfaction which in turn increases revenue. Even McKinsey confirms this in its research titled “Four Pillars of Distinctive Customer Journeys,” which states that “For every 10-percentage-point uptick in customer satisfaction, a company can increase revenues 2 to 3 percent”.

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