This talk speaks very high on how the modern technological advancements raised from the Vedic roots.

Must-read:   http://www. dasagrandhi.com/vedas-guide-to-future-technology/      

Women: Most Underutilized Cosmic Force

Women are given greater importance in this country. Almost all beautiful things in this nature are compared and spelled with female gender only. Even nature…

Vedas: A Guide to Advanced Science and Technology

The word ‘Veda’ is derived from the root ‘vid’ which means knowledge. Vedas are termed as Shruthi, which can­not be learned just by reading books,…

Understanding Shreeyantra in a Scientific Perspective

‘Veda’ means jnana, knowledge, as we all know.  It has in it all the knowledge from cosmology to psycology, from matter to energy, etc., Vedas…

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