It’s Not Literacy, Education Matters the Most For Nation

Literacy in this globalized world is considered as the ability to read and write (mostly English) and hold some schooling certificate. So-called degrees have become the deciding factor for one to be called educated. Indeed today’s, so-called evolving educated and democratic societies, freedom is evidenced in increased number rape cases, drunkards and drug addicts count.

For suppose, say one is with a hand full of degrees and he is womanizer, drinker and worst in character; what do you call such person? Modern society calls it educated and highly literate, but ethically speaking such a person is an animal.

This forces me to rephrase the statement of Swami Vivekananda “end of education is a character!” as “End of character is education”.

So how do you define a literate?

For example, consider a farmer, who is very skilled, talented and mastered the art of farming that doesn’t harm nature. Now, as he doesn’t possess any degree in agriculture, do you call him an illiterate and uneducated? Yes! says our so-called educated society.

Tell me, if the so-called agricultural institutions made professionals be able to exhibit 50% of the skill, the traditional farmers possessed from their forefathers. If we observe in the past 70 years of independent India, the agricultural system has been degraded and disintegrated, which resulted in the loss of soil fertility due to usage so-called agro-scientists proposed fertilizers. This ultimately resulted in 2,96,000 farmers to commit suicide in the past four years. Now we see many landowners are leaving their lands and working as laborers in the towns and cities. This is the greatest achievement by the literates who are kids of this globalization.

Who is more literate? A farmer or so-called university made a trained professional?

Do we call this the achievement of Literacy?

This is a country, where Business tycoon Dhirubhai Ambani built the India’s biggest business empire with no MBA/B.Tech degree from IIT/MIT/ IIM’s. On the other part of the world, we see university dropouts like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Bill Gates of Microsoft, Steve Paul Jobs of Apple. Inc and so on made it world turn towards them without degrees in hands and had their contribution to the world in their specific domains and revolutionized their fields. The funniest thing is all the toppers of the prime universities with hefty scorecards and gold medals holders are seeking jobs in the institutions run by these dropouts..

Lack of character making education should be called as Illiteracy than just the ability to write and read or mere degrees. What is the use of degrees when character or morality is not built? This situation is merely a ” literate society’s illiterate days”

Education is best defined in a Sanskrit saying as साविद्यायाविमुक्तये | Meaning that, education is that which leads us to freedom and this is called wisdom! Here freedom doesn’t mean that lack of discipline; rather it means the process of unveiling true character within that is WISDOM. Attaining this only can make a citizen a true virtue to the nation and a developed nation. It is this education and sort of literacy we need not just read and write with no character.

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Siva Kumar SM
Siva Kumar SM

Well written charan 👍🏻
Each and every word said truly

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