Stop Blinding Yourself – Time to Fix Mistakes

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It is natural for everyone to make mistakes. But, the percentage of people who do mistakes knowingly is more! Here we are going to introspect and understand how this is happening and how to correct it!

Being bound in endless illusion, we pretend and convince ourselves that what we do, and what we think is right! Moreover, we think we are progressing rather than understanding the mistake.

By assuming this untruth as to the truth, the fact is that you are deceiving yourselves…

To project this as the progress and truth, we are focusing all your energy on creating another untruth around yourselves and misleading yourselves…

Why pretend to live this life of illusions with pride, even if we know that it is a foul play?

Know that it is our weakness of not accepting the truth… It is the untruth we have not been able to overcome…

If we still don’t accept this fact, we will disappear in time making our existence useless. I am sure, it is not for which our birth is intended for!

My dear friend! What is so funny for you to burn your life like an insect bursting into the fire for sake of light and burns itself in that fire…

It is not dramatic to pretend to be ignorant of yourself when your conscience is pointing at you!

It is not easy to correct a mistake… Don’t be depressed! It is not our nature of birth to be so!

In the process of correcting never regret and feel embarrassed and surrender ourselves to the helplessness… If we do so we are again committing a big blunder…

When we had enormous courage and pride with which we did a mistake, then why can’t we bring the same courage and pride to do the act of correcting your mistakes?

In the process of correcting, why hide with shame and cowardness, when you are doing the divine act of correcting yourself!

There is no need to be guilty about it! Correcting is an act of courage; it is not weak or coward. You got to trust yourself! 

Hey, my friend trusting in ourselves is the key and trusting in ourselves is not so easy as we trust someone else…

At least now arise and awake…Nation has been anticipating for you to be an awakened soul…

This is not my request! Make a command for yourself to build the future…

Every existence is unique by its creation, it is we with our filthy mindset we are not realizing the fact…

All you need to do is just rise every time on anything and everything that pretends to be high…

“Another great day and dawn are awaiting for you to be jubilant individual.”

You are no more helpless! You are one of the magic created in this universe! Be that rhythm that rises up and up, till it gets merged back in time. Then time with pride will carry forward the great rhythm of yours to generations after generations for them to flourish!


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